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We Know Which Coca Cola Variant Is Coming NEXT!

This morning, Kyle and Jackie O got a call from a listener during their ‘snapchat’ talkback segment.

The man had called before, he’s an uber driver who he’d previously asked Kyle to set him up with Sophie Monk.

He rang through and and said he had just the day before had someone from Coca Cola in his uber, and the two had gotten talking.

He asked them, ‘so what’s the next big thing to come from Coke?’

‘It’s Coffee Cola in a couple of months - but you didn’t hear that from me!’


I mean, it DOES sound interesting, doesn’t it?!

I know I’d be trying it - that is FOR SURE!

He did also say that the Coca-Cola man had asked him not to tell anyone… hmmm.

Guess that’s shot now, eh?

THANK YOU Uber man!

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