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This Guy Just Scored $1200 Because His Pizza Never Arrived

A disgruntled pizza lover has successfully sued Dominos after it failed to reimburse him for pizzas he ordered that never arrived.  Tim Driscoll said he was forced to ring the manager of the New South Wales chain after his meatlovers, vegetarian, Hawaiian and two garlic breads failed to arrive on Anzac day.  

The 30-year-old said the manager at the Fair Meadow store apologised for the stuff up telling him they had been inundated with orders and they would refund his money. But, the money never came and so began a 12 month battle between the pizza crusader and the takeaway giant. 

“They kept saying they were looking into it but after 12 months of fobbing me off with ‘we’ll get back to you’, I thought I had to bring it to a head,” Mr Driscoll told The Daily Telegraph. 

While most would have just given up or blasted the pizza store on Facebook, Mr Driscoll chose to fight for the little guys taking the pizza giant to court. In a win for underdogs everywhere, Dominos was ordered to pay him $1,203.27. 


The fight hasn’t stopped there, the 30-year-old who specialises in worker’s compensation has contacted the Australia Competition and Consumer Commission, asking them to take further action against Domino’s for breaching consumer laws. 

The pizza giant accused Mr Drsicoll of wasting the courts time and it’s understood it will apply to have the judgement overturned. 

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