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The Way You're Meant To Cook These Foods Is Totally Bonks

You’ve seen how some people install front loader washers in their kitchens, but this is totally next level.

Imagine cooking dinner and putting a load of washing on at the same time – in the same machine.

Say what.


That’s what Iftach Gazit, a student at Tel Aviv’s Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, is asking us to consider. In fact, he’s designed a prototype that does exactly that.

Based on the sous-vide method of cooking by vacuum-sealed bags being cooked in temperature-controlled water (which, let’s be real, we only know from watching MasterChef), the watertight Sous La Vie Bag pouches cook food when put through the washing machine.

Gazit’s meals, including salmon in teriyaki sauce, steak, and vegetables in olive oil and garlic salt, are individually sealed in waterproof Tyvek paper that are tagged - clothing-style - with recommended washing temperatures and nutritional information.

“Instead of following a sous-vide recipe and cooking a piece of meat at 58C for 2.5 hours, just set your washing machine to ‘synthetics’ for a long duration programme,” he says.

“Cooking vegetables? Set your machine to ‘cotton’ for a short duration programme.”

Gazit says there has been a rise in the homeless seeking 24/7 laundromats as a safe place to take shelter.

“So why shouldn’t you be able to cook some food while there?” he says.


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