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The Supermarket Change We Are SO, TOTALLY Excited About

When it comes to cooking, what’s one of the things that turns you off most?

For me, it’s the prep.

Chopping my sweet potato to roast, my onion to grill and my veggies for my salad is one of the most punishing tasks in my dad - and the main reason I keep the local Thai menu by the phone.

It may also be part of the reason that only one in every 20 Aussies eat enough veggies, and only half us eat enough fruit.

Now, a supermarket development may change all of that. New Zealand supermarket chain New World is now selling pre-chopping vegetables, available to purchase in bulk.

This means that people can buy vegetables and throw them straight in the pan when they get home, no mess - no fuss!

“Product is rotated every three days so as to retain maximum freshness and value,” Chris Grace, New World Te Rapa’s Chris Grace told

“It’s early days and sales are still quite low but those who do take advantage of our pre-prepared veggies love the convenience and ease.”

In Australia, Coles and Woolworths already sell a range of pre-prepared fruit and veggies, but we’re yet to see large bulk-buy sections of pre-chopped vegetables like those at New World.

A Woolworths spokesman told there are “no imminent new additions” to their pre-packaged fruit and vegetable range, which currently includes chopped fruits, chopped broccoli, cauliflower, beans and pumpkin packs, pre-cut stir fry veggies, salad bowls and sliced and shredded carrots.

Coles offer a similar range of pre-prepared fruit vegetables. According to the same report, a spokeswoman would not offer comment on whether the supermarket plans to expand their range.


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