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Someone Literally Ordered A $1570 Uber Eats Meal

Uber Eats has released its data for 2017 that reveals exactly what happened on the app. It turns out that someone ordered an insane $1,570 meal from Melbourne’s Brasserie Entrecôte!

Their order included eight gourmet cheeseburgers, seven steak sandwiches, seven smoked salmons, chèvre cheese, six Bombe Alaskas and a whopping $600 worth of Beluga caviar. 


It is the most expensive order of the year on the app. Not only is the price shocking but the fact that the absolute madman ordered not one but SIX Bombe Alaksas! By the way, that’s a dish that involves putting ice cream into the oven… how would you even transport that successfully? 

BTW, here's what a Bombe Alaska looks like to save you from Googling it yourself...

Along with releasing this information, Uber Eats have also revealed that the number one order for a post-midnight feed was a Halal Snack Pack from Melbourne’s Kebab Hut. 

It was also revealed that Friday at 6pm was the most popular time for people to place an order with the most popular meal being hot chips. 

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather those hot chips over the caviar! 

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