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Naxi Folk Brings Authentic Yunnan Cuisine To Melbourne

Taking inspiration from one of South China’s most unique and culturally preserved regions, Naxi Folk will blend traditional Yunnan culture and cuisine with all the attributes we love about Melbourne’s dining scene, right in the hustle and bustle of Hawthorn’s Glenferrie Road.



Highly-influenced by neighbouring countries and provinces, Yunnan cuisine sees tangy, tropical flavours sit alongside fresh herbs and fiery chilli. The rugged foothills and mountains of the Himalayas are key geographical influencers to the daily lives of the Yunnan people and have also shaped this unique cuisine.

The region’s landscape brings meats and ingredients unknown to many, like buffalo and yak, to the table in the form of cured meats and soft-grilled cheeses –reminiscent of many Mediterranean and European menus.


Naxi people are a centuries-old ethnic group who inhabit the Yunnan province; from the foothills of the Himalayas in the north-west right across to the Sichuan region in the north.


Yunnan people fused together influences from neighbouring countries and provinces centuries before the concept of ‘Asian fusion’ existed. Naxi Folk presents a one-of-a kind dining experience; naturally melding the rich flavours of Sichuan and Myanmar with the fresh piquancy of Thai, Vietnamese and Laos fare.

The interior is warm and welcoming with bright accents, bamboo feature walls and long dining tables; drawing upon the popular Yunnan tradition of ‘long table banquet dining’ and bringing people together with food – making it the ideal venue for group functions and family gatherings.


Reflecting original customs handed down generation-to-generation by the Naxi people, Naxi Folk host tea cupping ceremonies for diners (Friday, Saturday and
functions), performed by staff in traditional Naxi-inspired dress.

Naxi Folk use characters from the ancient Dongba script – a pictographic writing system still in use today among the Naxi people – as an authentic and contemporary design feature throughout the venue, as well as a sign of respect to the region and its people.

The Dongba characters are best represented through Naxi Folk’s mantra: Turn up. Sit down. Eat. 

And that is exactly what the Naxi Folk team want Melburnians to do!

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