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Macca’s Is Trialling An ‘All Day Favourites’ Menu

There is nothing more frustrating than rolling up to the Macca’s drive-thru one morning with an intense craving for some chicken nuggets, just to be told, “Sorry, the lunch menu starts at 10:30am”.

However, that might soon change as McDonald’s has announced that they are trialling a new All Day Favourites menu that includes chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, Big Macs, fries, and Quarter Pounders. 

The trial is set to roll out in Tasmania, Victoria, Adelaide and Newcastle from Thursday 5 April. While this means it isn’t available in Sydney just yet, we will be sitting her patiently waiting to order a burger or nugs for breakfast. 

Looks like if you complain long and loud enough, a company just might listen to what their consumers really want! Nuggets for breakfast! 


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