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Guest Judge Spots Are Open For A Cheese Comp In Melbourne

If you don't like cheese - don't bother reading this article!

This article is for cheese lovers ONLY!

The Australian Grand Dairy Awards have invited the cheese-aholic public to apply for the chance to be an official judge of their People's Choice Awards.

It will be for the 20th Annual event, and there are a whopping 10 guest judge spots open for the grabbing.

The 10 guest judges will sample 57 of Australia’s finest cheeses, ice creams, butters, milks, creams and yoghurts across 19 categories as part of the judging process.

Yes. FIFTY SEVEN CHEESES. This will definitely be a day for your stretchiest pants...

The event is to be held at the Australian Grand Dairy Awards Headquarters (is this heaven?!) in Melbourne, Thursday 1st November from 6 to 8pm.

Find out all you need to know about the event, and entering here!

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