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What Does Your Coffee Say About Your Personality?

For most people, ordering coffee of a morning is second nature. It’s not something you give much thought to, beyond hoping it will pull you out of your morning stupor. Did you ever wonder whether your coffee order is indicative of your personality? Find your favourite coffee below and find out if you fit the mould!

Flat White

flat white

The flat white drinker is a super reliable friend and worker. They like to play it safe and aren’t known as risk takers. You won’t find them bungee jumping or throwing their arms in the air on a rollercoaster, but you will find them killing it in a corporate board room. They’re super honest and will always tell it like it is.

Long Black

long black

Coffee-drinkers who opt for a long black tend to be more traditional. Some might say they’re set in their ways. They don’t like drama or over-complicated situations and instead seek order and resolution. They can be quiet, but are incredibly competent in their work life. They’re also very patient and you’ll find it hard to get a rise out of them.



The latte drinker is all about the creature comforts in life (they definitely own multiple bath bombs). They can put a positive spin on any situation. Latte drinkers tend to be people pleasers and will go above and beyond for their friends and family. They’re the ones that will come to the rescue when you need a last-minute babysitter, forgot a heap of supplies for the party you’re hosting or need to be dropped to the airport.  Their incredible generosity often means they put themselves last.



The detail-oriented cappuccino drinker is not one to follow trends. They are creative and introverted which gives them an uber cool sense of intrigue. They’re usually very skilled in their field of work and meticulous when completing any given task, be it creating a spreadsheet or planning a party.



Ambition is a key trait of the espresso drinker. They’re always on the go, and hard to catch up with. They’re not a fan of failure and get frustrated by anything inefficient. You’d be gobsmacked if the espresso drinker was anything but punctual – they love to plan and schedule (they definitely carry a diary!). They’re super self-aware, loyal and reliable.



‘Fun-loving, free spirit’ is the best way to describe a mocha-drinker. They LOVE a good rom-com and can quote ‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days’ from start to finish. Ironically, they don’t have the best luck in relationships, mainly due to their flighty nature. They’re adorably flirtatious and aren’t necessarily reliable, but their lovable nature makes it hard to ever be mad at them!

Iced Coffee

iced coffee

The trendsetter. Iced-coffee drinkers are those people that have worn and rocked runway trends before fashion week ever starts. They go to album-launch parties and effortlessly network in any social situation. They’re have a child-like, wild imagination and love to be spontaneous (and even a little reckless!). 

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