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Froyo has to end now.

We all remember the wise words of Regina George...


Froyo. People. Can we be real for a minute? Why is it EVEN a thing?? I mean - everybody knows it's not even healthy.
I do not have any time for it - bring me icecream any day. ANY DAY...

I still recall the day I heard "Let's go for Froyo" for the first time. And I won't lie, I was curious, I was intrigued. But after trying it (and dousing my Froyo in oreos, M&Ms, chocolate sauce, and fudge pieces) I was most definitely not sold. I mean.. the furthest possible place from sold.

Here are some really great points for you to consider next time you feel like a frosty treat.

Froyo is more expensive that icecream.

Froyo is NOT HEALTHY. The yoghurt alone has sugar pumped through it, not to mention those awesome toppings you choose. And don't pretend you're going there and only choosing chia seeds and coconut flakes.

Icecream is delicious.

See? Some really great arguments there...

Now - go and buy some icecream.

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