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Doughnut Time's World Chocolate Day Creation Is Jaw Dropping

Last month we were excited by the simple prospect of mega doughnuts at Doughnut Time. 

Creations that are (supposed to) serve four - what could be better.

Apparently we weren't thinking hard enough because ahead of World Chocolate day they have come up with this. 

The Donutella Versace. 

Oh my! 

Seriously, stay with us here.

According to the website this is a chocolate overload to the max. 

"Hershey's & cocoa dough iced with chocolate glaze, filled to the max with Nutella and topped with chocolate flakes, Kit Kat, Oreo biscuit, chocolate fudge brownie, chocolate sprinkles & chocolate chips, a mini jar of Nutella and Gold leaf for good measure!"

Even the ingredients list is a mouthful! 

All we can say is GET IN MY BELLY! 

The limited edition doughnut is available from tomorrow until the 13th of July for $34.

Which three friends would you share a Donutella Versace with? 

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