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This Mum's Job Will Really Leave You Shocked

Married mother of one, Emily Nikols from Liverpool in the UK has really found a niche in the market. She's making over $70 an hour cleaning other people's houses while completely naked.

In an interview with The Sun, Emily talked about how it's no big deal for her.

“To me cleaning naked is really not a big deal – it is completely normal.

“I’m just a really confident person and am really comfortably with nudity so being naked doesn’t faze me at all.

“While cleaning naked was something I had never done before, it just felt really natural to do.

“This fits in really well round my daughter, and it is a really well-paid job – the money is good for what you have to do.

“So far it has been a really positive experience. There hasn’t been anything which has made me think twice."

Emily insists that she's not made to feel like a sex object while performing her duties.

“The clients are really respectful and chivalrous. They carry the hoover up the stairs for me and offer glasses of water."

A little while ago, Emily heard about this new career path from a friend who told her that women were making money for filming themselves cleaning at home.

Emily then quickly found a company called Naturist Cleaners on a Google search, and it seems, the rest is history!

Naturist Cleaners employs almost 80 staff, a mix of both males and females.

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