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Kmart Pocket Money Hack That Will Get Your Kids Excited

(Image: Courtesy of Kidspot)

One GENIUS Mum has found a way to get her kids excited about doing chores.

If you have a chore board in your house, you're halfway there - but mum-of-three Trish has taken it one step further.

Sharing her clever hack on the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group, she decided that hanging coins on the chart was a way to keep her kids interested.

In an interview with Kidspot, Trish explained:

"I’ve tried the sticker chart etc. before but my kids just weren’t interested. So I went off to Kmart to try and find something that I could hang coins from," she said.

"The clips I found were perfect which I was happy about. It’s not the most amazing piece of craft but it’s definitely working."

Every morning, the pins are refreshed and her kids are way more interested in getting that silver or gold coin!


"I don’t make them do them [chores], if they forget then they just miss out on the money," she said.

The kids are now learning the benefits of working for money and saving - and even have toy on layby at Kmart that they want.

Facebook users have praised Trish for her clever approach to parenting and chores and frankly, we love it.

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