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Pineapple Christmas Trees Are Peak 2017

The humble pineapple has had quite a year so far. It’s been widely debated if it’s acceptable to put pineapple on pizza, people used them in place of pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns, and now people are using them as Christmas trees!

Hmmmm...I may need to add a pineapple to my Christmas tree collection!! #pineapplechristmastree #decoratemytree

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Yeah, that’s right. Actual Christmas trees!

Now, it’s not clear where this idea originated, but already “pineapple Christmas tree” has become on of the most searched terms on Pinterest.

The summery twist really suits the warmer Christmas climates such as Australia! So it’s no wonder that with half the world celebrating Christmas in Summer that this trend has really kicked off.

Interested in trying the trend yourself? Grab a pineapple and some Christmas decorations and go nuts! 

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