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My Hubby Is An Amazing Dad (And Sometimes I Get Jealous)

By Monty Dimond, 3pm Pick Up Host

I have been feeling a little jealous of my partner Sam, lately.

You see, three years ago I heaved a small human out of my loins and we named him Arlo.

He was tiny and perfect and still is, just with an added hint of cheekiness now.

For the first year of his life I was his main squeeze, his obsession, his one true love but then he dropped me like a bag of rotten old potatoes for his old man.

To start with I thought it was cute, the way he would cling onto Sam’s leg like a little monkey, gaze at him like a somewhat creepy lover watching him shave and giggle uncontrollably when Sam would do something as little as say ‘boo’.

I thought it would be a bit of a phase and soon my babies’ love-heart eyes would gaze back to me, but no luck. Two years down the track and no-one lights up that little guys’ life like his dad.

I often remind Arlo of the fact that I grew him inside of my body but apparently three-year old’s can’t quite comprehend that.  Maybe they have more important things to do like eating bugs or building forts!

I am such a desperado for his attention, but I don’t have a beard or answer to the name Dad so I am chopped liver.

My folks separated when I was about five and my sister and I lived with my mum, and although we would still see my dad, I didn’t grow up with that every day contact or a really strong bond with him, so even though sometimes my heart pangs a little when Arlo chooses his dad over me, it’s the most special relationship. One that I envy and totally encourage.

My boys are growing up with a Dad that worships the ground they (and I) walk on.

They are already learning respect, kindness, compassion, sensitivity, how to be gentle and also how to have a ridiculous amount of fun from their dad.

I never love or find Sam more attractive than when he’s mucking around being a bigger kid than our boys.

Besides, I know my kids will be more than okay, because they truly have the best dad in Sam. (Not biased at all).


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