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KMart Mum Labelled ‘Legend’ For Updating Fridge With $5 Hack

Got something old and on the way out that you’d never use again?

Think twice before getting rid of it completely, as one mum has defied the odds, taking her ageing white fridge and totally transforming it - with just $5.

Gypsy Hughes shared her impressive work to the Facebook group, Kmart Mums Australia, after 'upcycling' a fridge she found at a garage sale.


All she did was head to K-Mart and pick up a few rolls of copper adhesive film and tape.


Hughes admitted her handiwork took about half a day and two people to completely re-wrap the fridge - but she said it was 'worth it' - and we agree!

Fellow Kmart Mums Australia member, Maggie Rue, followed a similar method and covered her old glass outside table in adhesive vinyl from Kmart to give it an expensive wood-grain look.


Maggie spent a grand total of $3 at Kmart on 'White Woodgrain Adhesive Vinyl' and her finished product looked like a totally brand-new wooden table.


Another mum used $4 wire Kmart bins as lampshades for her hanging lights for a styling dining area.


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