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Apparently The PERFECT Number of Sexual Partners to Have Had

A new survey has been released which apparently reveals how many previous sexual partners is ideal according to men and woman.

Dating website for married people,, has done the study which has found that both men and woman agree that 12 is the perfect numbers of past sexual partners.

According to the Daily Mail UK, 12 is the number that both sexes said it showed a person was 'sexually adventurous, liberal and transient'.

It also found that most participants felt someone who has had fewer than ten partners is 'too conservative' or ‘sexually inexperienced’ and if they’ve had over 19 partners, well, that could indicate they’re difficult to please and may be "too eager to jump from partner to partner.

This new research is hopefully going to end some awkwardness in the early stages one and partners number is a lot higher than the others.

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