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5 Giveaway Signs Your Child Is Or Will Be A Genius

One of the most joyful aspects of parenthood is watching your child grow and learn. 

However it is very easy to obsess and stress about whether your child is 'tracking' along in good time too. 

However there are five sure-fire signs that your son or daughter truly is a brilliant genius. Here they are: 

1. They never sleep 

More often than not, geniuses can function on four hours sleep a night, or even less! 

If your little one doesn't sleep, they're destined for greatness. 

2. They LOVE books

Studies have long suggested there is a strong connection between reading and cognitive capabilities. 

One study also found a good novel can improve empathy. 

A relentless appetite for literature is and always has been associated with intelligence. 

3. They refuse to eat 

Don't assume your child is being difficult if they refuse to eat. 

It just means they have a discerning taste and were born with a delicate, mature palette. 

4. They throw food around in an artistic pattern

If you've ever seen an expensive artwork and thought your child could do that, they probably could! 

If he or she is adventurous with their food mess it means they're likely to think outside of the box. 

5. They get frustrated they can't move 

If your child clearly having trouble rolling, standing, sitting or walking, don't fret. 

This means they're more likely to be destined for mental greatness and not physical. 


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