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Villa Tensions Force Grant To Walk Out Of Love Island

In the previous episode of Love Island, Mac and Teddy were sent packing after an intense (to say the least) elimination that saw the islanders forced to vote one couple out.

As they were walking out the door, suitcase in hand, Mac’s final words to her newfound friends were ominous; “no fighting tonight”.

The remaining couples laughed awkwardly and waved goodbye to Mac and Teddy with a solemn smile. But not ten minutes after their departure, and the tensions inside the house boiled over once more, with Grant and Eden once again at the centre of dispute, all because of a little shoulder bump. 

In the lead up to tonight’s episode we were shown promos of Grant loosing his absolute sh*t and quitting love island. And so even though we’ve seen Eden and Grant get down each other’s throats and even come to physical blows before in the past, we knew that this time round would be the climax to their tumultuous relationship.

And while we were right, this argument was hyped up just a tad too much. We were promised a walk out of the villa in the ads. And while that is what we got, it lasted all of about ten minutes (is it weird that we feel a bit cheated and deceived by the ads?).

Here’s the low down incase you missed it: Grant and Eden continued to argue and after weeks of build up Grant pretty much tore Eden a new one, leaving Tayla distraught and questioning her relationship with the "immature" and somewhat "aggressive" Grant.

Other islanders began to question Grant and accused him of provoking Eden, leaving Grant feeling extremely outcast from the entire group. Grant decides that he can’t take it anymore, and without saying a word to anyone, Grant makes a run for it, fleeing the villa for some alone time.

It’s at this point that we leaned closer to our television set, popcorn in hand, glued to the screen and admittedly a little excited to see the drama that would surely follow Grant’s exit.

After all, the promo had made us believe that Grant was gone for good and we had no doubt that this would make the rest of the already tense villa implode.

Tayla eventually chased after her boyfriend only to find him in tears. But she doesn’t take sympathy. Basically she tells him that she’s sick of him losing his temper. Grant tells Tayla to leave him alone saying he doesn’t want to talk to her because she didn't have his back.

“Tayla, right now I don’t want to talk to you. I really don’t,” said Grant as his voice choked up. “Please don’t touch me.”

And we kid you not, this is us sitting on the couch:


This is the drama we have been dying for since little ol’ Cassidy was kicked out of the villa. But alas, we were severely disappointed. Nope Grant didn’t quit. And nope Grant and Tayla didn’t break up.

Instead, Grant eventually calmed himself down and let Tayla convince him to come back into the Villa. He even had a heart to heart with Eden, where the pair admitted that they would never be friends but they could agree to disagree and get along for the sake of the villa.

And just like that, everything in the Villa goes back to normal and the islanders go to sleep, waking up to a new day of peace. And Grant goes back to his usual jokester self, chatting with Mark about intelligent things. Like farts and stuff...

And no word of a lie, in the next challenge Grant and Eden were sitting next to each other on the couch like they were besties again! 

So basically, what the actual hell love island? We were promised a dramatic exit but that was about as full of crap as Grant’s last name (it’s Crapp FYI)! Heck there was more drama between overprotective couple Erin and Eden in this episode.

But who are we kidding…deep down we kinda knew that no one in their right mind would quit the show just days before the final episode when $50,000 is being given away.

The final episode takes place on Thursday on 9Go and 9NOW at 8:30pm.

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