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The Real Reason Ariana Grande Is With Pete Davidson

We've been neck deep in relationship news surrounding Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson and we just can't stop (soz)

In an indirect Q&A on Twitter, Ari's been dropping info all over the place. When news first broke of their engagement, she responded to a fan's tweet confirming it.

In a since-deleted tweet (thank God for screenshots) she's let on that Pete's got a massive package.

A fan tweeted Ari asking “how long Pete is”. The fan backtracked, realising the double-meaning and rephrased. What she was asking about the interlude dedicated to Pete on the new album Sweetener. That didn't stop Ariana from having a bit of fun with her response.


We thought it was a joke until we did a bit of digging. 

We're not gonna post the proof but just know, it's out there. 

A push in the right direction: MTV 2013. Search if that kinda thing floats your boat.

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