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Optus Has Just Announces Cash back For Customers!

Optus customers who have signed up for a NBN home internet plan but have not received their fast speeds as promised can expected to be partly reimbursed.

The country’s second largest telco hs said it will offer refunds to thousands of customers who have paid for pends that cannot be delivered.

Telstra announced the same commitment back in May after Telstra customers identified their fibre-to-the-node connections that were simply unable to achieve the advertised speeds.

“Optus is undertaking a similar process in respect of those customers where it has been confirmed that the underlying NBN service cannot deliver the speed they signed up for,” a spokesman told

“This is an underlying NBN copper access issue specifically for FTTN (fibre-to-the-node) and FTTB (fibre-to-the-basement) services and affects all RSPs.”

Optus declined to detail how many customers are affected but said it was “reviewing this on a national basis”.

At the moment, it is also unclear as to what kind of remuneration Optus customers can expect.

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