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You Could Now Live In Hermione Granger's House...

Harry Potter fans are in a spin after news Hermione Granger's house is up for sale! Yes, the real house used in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 could now be yours...if you have a few spare million dollars lying around.    

Fans of the books and movies will remember Hermione grew up in a muggle household, with dentist parents. Unlike Harry's famous address, the iconic 4 Privet Drive, Hermione's was never given.

Movie producers searched far and wide before deciding on a house in north-west London. Located in Hampstead Garden the house provides a magical insight into the life J K Rowling dreamt up for the young wizard. The three storey, 2490 square metre home, features six bedrooms, two bathrooms, entrance hall, reception room, family room, utility rooms and a front and back garden. 


The house is on the market for 2.4 million pounds, which makes you wonder how successful the Granger family dental practise was. While the books implied her parents were humble dentists, the house layout makes you wonder if they were more wealthy than the books suggested.

It's not the first time one of the houses used in the Harry Potter movies has been up for sale. Earlier this month the Dursley's house was sold for $475,000 pounds. We know which house we'd much rather live in. We wonder if the cupboard under the stairs was listed as a bedroom?

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