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What This Girl Has Been Caught Putting In The Bin Will Stun

A young girl has handed herself into Police after she was allegedly caught dumping a cat in a wheelie bin.

The 12-year-old went to a police station in Hull, UK, after an online response to footage that emerged.

Officers have confirmed that she is under investigation for abuse under he Animal Welfare Act and will ‘establish the best course of action’.

A Humberside Police spokesperson said: ‘A 12 year-old girl has come into a police station with her mother to say that she is the girl in the video footage.

‘We will be conducting an investigation of the incident as causing unnecessary suffering to an animal under Section 4.1 and Section 4.2 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

‘’We will be speaking to the 12 year-old girl about the incident and establish the best course of action.’

The footage was captured on August 17 and shows the girl apparently putting some rubbish on top of the bin in what could be an attempt to prevent the animal from getting out.

The RSPCA has said ‘The cat’s welfare is our priority and being put in a bin would have caused the animal a lot of distress.

‘We understand that the cat was no longer in the bin when the lady checked and we hope very much that the cat is OK.

‘This sort of behaviour towards an animal is not acceptable.’

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