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Was Peter Stefanovic 'Drunk' On The Today Show?

Peter Stefanovic's stumbling and spluttering appearance on Weekend Today has resulted in his former colleague Lisa Wilkinson to give her thoughts on his unusual demeanour. 

Footage of Stefanovic's strange segment while hosting the breakfast show was played on The Project on Sunday, with panellist Tommy Little joking: 'Drunk or not drunk? I'm going to go to our expert on the panel, Lisa,' referring to co-host Lisa Wilkinson who of course presented the Today show alongside Peter's brother, Karl, for ten years.

Lisa laughing replied, 'I can usually recognise a drunk Stefanovic. I've got years and years of practice!'

When a second clip was then played showing Peter spluttering over his words before co-host Alison Langdon made him give a thumbs up to make sure he was feeling okay, Lisa joked, 'It's not looking good'.

Wilkinson then spoke about the infamous post-Logies episode of the Today Show from 2009, when Karl appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.

'That famous post-Logies show, Karl said to me 73 times that I was beautiful, that is NOT proof in itself that he was drunk!' Lisa joked.

The Sunday Project stressed they were not being serious. 'Of course, Pete, not drunk!' Tommy stated. 'Nah, he's a professional,' added Lisa. 


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