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PARENTS WARNING: Peppa Pig 'Parody' Videos Glorifying Murder

Parents around the world are being warned about seemingly innocent Peppa Pig "parody" videos online depicting the characters in violent situations.

The graphic videos show the much-loved Peppa Pig characters being hung, shot and burned alive.

The brutal content has been found circulating Twitter and YouTube, raising concerns for children searching for genuine Peppa Pig videos and images. 


One image found on Twitter shows a gory scene where Peppa Pig is hanging by a rope from a tree.

Similar videos have also been posted featuring authentic narration, with one focusing on Peppa's brother George who "wants to play too". He is ignored by the other characters, prompting him to pick up a gun and shoot himself.

The video has been viewed over three million times, and was accessible to all users who simply 'confirmed' they were over 18.


Another video, which has been watched close to 200,000 times, shows Peppa Pig setting herself on fire, and subsequently dying. The accompanying text reads: "Peppa likes to play with matches. Peppa lit the match. Blow it out Peppa! Peppa is dead."


The thumbnails and titles of these "parody" videos are almost identical to their innocent counterparts, encouraging younger viewers to consume them in search for authentic Peppa Pig episodes. 

Andy Burrows, NSPCC Associate Head of Child Safety Online, told the Sun: "YouTube has time and again claimed they will do more to protect children from traumatic videos like this, but it is still far too easy for children to come across disturbing clips featuring their favourite cartoon characters."

"The tech giants have a responsibility to protect children on their platforms."


Unfortunately, this is not the first time Peppa Pig has made appearances in disturbing videos. Last year, "parody" videos based on the show - alongside Doc McStuffins and Thomas the Tank Engine - were scattered among the Internet (most notably YouTube) displaying characters performing incredibly violent acts. 

how you can prevent your child from seeing these videos:

If you are concerned your child may come across these videos, it is recommended you download the YouTube Kids Apps, which blocks adult content. While this makes it easier for you to monitor what your child is watching, there is the possibility that this dangerous content can slip through.

You can also turn on "safety mode" in your account settings, which can be activated by scrolling to the bottom of any YouTube page and switching "Restricted Mode" on. 

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