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The VIC Suburb With The MOST Offensive Custom Number Plates

If you live in Victoria and love a good personalised plate, you're not alone. VicRoads sell thousands of customised number plates each year. They're  a fun way to get creative and give your vehicle that little bit of individuality.

While picking a plate that's a little bit cheeky can seem like a harmless idea, VicRoads have had to reject more than 100 customised number plate applications from motorists this year alone, because they were deemed as way to offensive or violent. 

According to The Daily Mail, the rejected plates include UJERRK for offensive language, FUPIG.5 for disrespect to lawn enforcers and SHOT1T for reference to killing/violence. 

Other rejected number plates include FKNMOO for offensive language, DEADMN for reference to death and ADHD.5 for references to mental health.

It's not just because people are pranking the VicRoads website either, applications for customised number plates can cost drivers up to $2,000 for single application, and the fees are non-refundable if the number plate is not approved.

VicRoads outline that they only reject plates on occasions where they reasonably believe a plate idea does the following:


(Image: V Plates)

We have somewhat embarrassing news for Craigieburn locals. According to The Herald Sun, the outer Melbourne suburb of Craigieburn logged the most rejected plates. 

Do you have a personalised plate? Tell us in the comments section below. 

Source: Daily Mail

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