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Unbelievable Story of How A Guy Met His Wife At A Graveyard

The internet is currently wrapped up with confusion and love at this guy's crazy story of love and loss, and you need to hear it.

It's not every day something unrelated to celebrity goes viral on Twitter, but when they do, you can be assured you're in for something good.

So get yourself that strong coffee, and let's share this wild ride together. First, we begin in a graveyard.

If you're not familiar, the Chelsea Flower Show is an annual event in the UK that's been running every year since 1912, showcasing the best of horticulture, so basically the grave had a lot of flowers. 

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Being the stand-up guy he is, @sixthformpoet decided he was going to do something nice and share the love with the grave's near his father's.

But after a while, he got curious, and this is where things take a WILD turn.

A lot of us have imaginary friends through our childhood, but just imagine finding out yours had murdered 3 people and committed suicide. That's got to shake you. But @sixthformpoet, he decided to make the best of it.

But how do you make amends for such an obscure thing, after so long? Why, like any sane person you would go and verbally apologise to their graves.

Awkward is an understatement, honestly. Two-plus years of giving flowers to their murderer, and a surviving relative runs in to you as you're standing over their graves talking to them. You'd be wishing for your own grave with that much awkwardness, but @sixthformpoet is no ordinary man, it seems.

Now that would definitely make for a wild wedding speech. 

That's not even where the story ends, either. There are two more parts to it and they somehow get more ludicrous.

Check out the other two parts below! Part two details a story about a Disneyland trip that does not go where'd you'd expect (and that's not just a lame joke about them going somewhere other than Disneyland, we promise).

Part three certainly gives the other two a run for their money in terms of just how awkwardly adorable the whole ordeal is.

We hope you enjoyed giving those a read. You really hope they're true stories, too, because they read like a movie summary.

If you liked @sixthformpoet's writing, he has a book out on Amazon, and apparently he owes people.

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