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TWENTY Cats Taken Ill Or Die After Eating Toxic Food

About 20 cats have fallen ill and died after they allegedly ate a toxic pet food.

Pet owners are now locked in a battle with the pet food maker, Best Feline Friend after the food made their cats ill.

Cats have been presenting to vet clinics with “neurological damage”, which vets believe has been caused by BFF.

The Australian Veterinary Association has confirmed it received vet complaints about the product and it was now investigating.


Spokeswoman Rena Richmond said “If your cat is exhibiting signs such as strange head or eye movements, wobbling, repeated circling or difficulty in walking you should take it to your vet for assessment,”

The pet food maker Weruva, who are based in America, said that their tests had found low levels of thiamine on May 25, 20 days after the product was recalled.

Low levels hot Thiamine can cause cats to develop anorexia which can cause convulsions and may cause death.

Any pet owners who have purchased the pet food can return it to their retailer.

We have contacted Weruva for a statement and as yet, have not heard back.

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