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This Sesame Street 'Stranger Things' Parody Is EVERYTHING

Sesame Street has released a new parody for Stranger Things 2 - 'Sharing Things'. 

We see what they did there...

Immediately you're taken back to the opening of the of the show with Oscar the Grouch. 

Cookie Monster takes on the more sinister role of Cookie Gorgon - and even Barb makes an appearance in the Upside Down (still alive, just left behind and a little bored). 

Cookie Monster is on a trick or treat-ing mission to find Halloween candy, after eating one of Powell's prized pumpkins. 

After eyeing some chocolate chip cookies made by Joyce Byers, Cookie Gorgon goes in for the ultimate prize... but Eleven (literally the number 11) gets there just in time. 

Of course there's a lesson in amongst the madness and Cookie Gorgon learns to share his treats!

It's very clever the way they parallel the storyline - while making it G rated, of course! 

So good! 

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