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List Of House Rules Have Been Slammed As Being Too Full On

I bet we've all thought once or twice that our parents were waaaaay out of line when they told you to be home by a certain time or grounded you for what you deemed as 'no reason'.

Well I think you'll be thanking your lucky stars for how easy you had it once you read the 'house rules' that one Sunshine Coast mother shared online.

The woman from Maroochydore has set out a list of rules for her 18-year-old daughter, and it's pretty much her own personal version of lock out laws!

The list titled, 'rules for living in our home' included being out of bed by 10am if she wasn't working and a curfew of 6:30pm on weeknights.

For weekends, she was given a tiny bit of leeway, being allowed to stay out until midnight.

BUT on nights where her parents were working the next day (Sunday-Thursday) she still had to be home by 10:30pm so as not to wake them up.

If these rules were not met, she was told that she could "find somewhere else to live."

The list of rules were met with a great deal of outrage online, with many people labelling the list too extreme.

One girl on Facebook said, "I'm an 18 year old girl I would honestly hate my parents if they spoke to me like that."

However, the mother defended her harsh actions, saying that she introduced the rules after becoming fed up with her daughters behaviour.

"We love our daughter to bits, but since she got her (driver's) licence, she has got worse and worse," she said.

The woman also claimed that her strict methods were not meant to be an attack on her daughter but a way of instilling respect in her.

"There is absolutely nothing wrong with our daughter having a social life, but she needs to respect the people she lives with."

I'm sorry for ever saying you were too strict mum and dad!

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