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How An Aussie Thief's Toilet Habits Saw Him Behind Bars

When you hear in the news that a thief has been caught, most of us presume that they've either been caught red-handed, on the run or because they've foolishly left their fingerprints all over the scene of the crime.

This was not quite the case for one thief in Tasmania, who really took on board the idea of 'making himself at home'.

A 30-year-old man broke into a home in Tasmania in October last year, took a beer from the fridge, relaxed inside for a bit and then decided to use the loo.

As you do.

Later, the thief reportedly fled the scene, with jewellery, cash, tools and electronic devices after he heard a child who lived in the house return home.

The burglar managed to flee the scene OK, but he certainly didn't get away with the crime.

His undoing? His own pubic hair.

Yep, according to WA Today, police matched public hair found on the toilet seat to the culprit.

According to The Daily Mailnone of the stolen goods had been recovered and the man was originally sentenced to 15 months jail. 


Source: The Daily Mail

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