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There's A New Dating Move That's Even Worse Than Ghosting

Dating in the 21st century can be a heckin' minefield; you're dealing with booty calls, situationships, ghosting - and now, breadcrumbing.

And, you know what, we're calling it. Breadcrumbing is even worse than ghosting.

At least if you're ghosted - when the person you're feeling stops responding to messages and calls and just floats off into the distance - you know where you stand and you can get on with things.


But breadcrumbing? Breadcrumbing is cruel. It's calculated. It's savage AF.

The actual definition says it's the "act of sending out flirtatious, but non-committal text messages in order to lure a sexual partner without expending much effort."

Which basically equates to the odd double-tap on your Instagram posts, an occasional flirty Snapchat or dropping a totally casual message your way every few days, just to peak your interest.

"These ambiguous digital crumbs are enough to remind you that the person is alive and may even hint at a future meet-up," explains Refinery29, "but never get to the nitty-gritty of whether they actually want a relationship."


According to the New York Times, we're looking at three different types of breadcrumbing.

"There's breadcrumbing when you've broken up with someone but you don't want to let them go; there's breadcrumbing as a way of keeping a dating prospect on 'hold'; or there's breadcrumbing as a kind of game, when a person is 'not interested in you, but interested in themselves staying relevant to you,'" they say.

Maybe it's time to go gluten-free?

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