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There Is A Theme Park In South Korea Dedicated To CHEESE!

Sweet dreams really are made of cheese. Don't dis-a-Brie with us! Okay, we'll stop.  

Love theme parks and cheese? Well, there's now a theme park dedicated to cheese! 

The Imsil Cheese Theme Park spans a cheesy 32 acres in South Korea's North Jeolla Province, and yep, just like the name suggests, it is literally a cheese theme park. 

When you can't brie-lieve such a gouda place exists, think again. It's totally legit, with mini cheese-themed rides, cheese making classes, and even buildings designed to look like the magical food. 

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Looking for the perfect wedding venue? Voila! You can tie the knot in front of the 'European-style cheese castle'. We can't think of anything more romantic!

Yeah, yeah, we know what you're thinking - where's the actual cheese? From cheese-sprinkled spaghetti to cheeseburgers, there's an array of cheesy delicacies for every taste.

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The cheese theme park - also known as heaven on earth - officially opened in 2004 to honour the region's cheese history, and is loved by many across the world. 

We know exactly where our next travel destination will be!

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