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The Horrible Incident That Injured A Child Branded A ‘Prank’

A mum of a 13-year-old who has been left scarred for life after being pinched with a scalding hot tong at school has slammed the headteacher.

Sarah Edridge has removed her daughter Bailee from her school in Brentwood, UK after the incident.

Essex Live has claimed the school described the incident as a ‘prank’ with the mother saying her daughter had been scarred for life after the incident.


Essex Live reports that a 14-year-old boy heated up a pair of chemistry tongs before pinching Bailee's leg, causing painful weeping sores.

Edridge said"I think it was about May 22 that I received a call saying she had burnt her leg. "She came home from school with two burns.

"What had happened is the boy had heated the tongs up, walked across the classroom and pinched her leg with them causing second-degree burns.

"That was just before half term. After the holidays the school called us in and said the child didn't realise the tongs were hot and so they are putting it down to a school prank."

Local police have warned the boy about the incident which has been dealt with through a resolution order.

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