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Say Goodbye To Aldi As We Know It!

In line with an increasingly competitive market, Aldi is refurbishing every store along the East Coast to be more appealing to shoppers.

Aldi is set to revamp all of its 470 Australian stores by 2020 as a means of remaining competitive with Woolworths' and Coles' recent price drops.

The German discount supermarket will invest tens of millions of dollars into the refurbishment plan, which aims to make their stores look more like a fresh food market place and move away from their current warehouse feel.

The refurbishment will feature, better signage, fresh wooden produce bays, more shelving and extended chillers.

The new stores will also feature Aldi’s new logo design which was revealed last month.  

Aldi has also confirmed that they plan to increase the number of products they stock in store.  

A representative told News Limited that Aldi has already added 100 new products into its stores in recent years, bringing its total to 1450 products.

Although this is much less than the 25,000 products that Coles and Woolies currently stock, the representative explained that this small increase is only the beginning. 

“It’s our job to ensure we continue to evolve and adapt our product offering to meet the needs of tomorrow’s shopper,” she said.

“We will continue to add new exciting products to our range, with national store refurbishment plans allowing for greater space to accommodate popular categories.”

This move is set to put even more pressure on our bigger chain supermarkets to lower their prices and remain competitive.

Cheaper food makes all of us happy so, we welcome the change!

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