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Romeo The Kitten Rejected By The World For Being “Too Ugly”

If you’re anything like me, you have a deep, instant love for all furry creatures, great and small.

So when I heard that there was a kitten that had been abandoned because it had an ‘ugly’ face, my heart broke.


‘Romeo’ has been dubbed ‘too ugly’ to be loved has been taken in by a charity after being left for dead because of his unusual face.

Even more heartbreakingly, his brothers and sisters all found homes, but he was left behind because of a deformity to his eye.


The ginger kitten has been adopted, by Laura Llacer from the Santuario Compasion Animal rescue centre in Spain where he was given his unique name.


Romeo has now settled into his new home and his owners are hoping to put an end to prejudice.

Source: Love Meow

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