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What ACTUALLY Happened To The Girl Who Fell Off That Cliff

It may have happened more than a year ago, but footage of a girl falling off the top of a cliff into the ocean recently went viral thanks to her "boyfriend's" pretty shitty reaction.

In the clip, the girl attempts to leap into the water below but loses her footing; when she turns to grab her companion's ankle to save herself, he jerks it backwards and the girl plummets out of sight.

The internet was NOT happy with the dude's reaction - some Redditors branded it "disgusting" - but UNILAD managed to track down the maker of the video, Alexander Tikhomirov, who revealed what actually went on.

"I filmed this with my friend," Tikhomirov explained. "The girl who is falling is my ex-wife, now we have a baby.

"Mary [Shum] fell on a rock first - about three metres down - and then she went into the water.

"She didn't break anything, unlike people said, but she did hurt her feet and ass and back.

"We went to the hospital later and she couldn't walk for a few days.

"But finally everything was good."

My sun ) #MaryShum

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And the guy who didn't help the situation? That was the couple's friend Jay Alvarrez who, Tikhomirov says, he has no hard feelings towards.

"He removed it not because he is an asshole but because everything happened in one second.

"Anyway, he probably made it better when he removed it."

While Tikhomirov and Shum were married at the time the video was filmed, they have since split - although it has nothing to do with the fall.

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