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Prime Minister Has Copped A $250 Fine For Driving His Boat

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has copped a $250 fine for failing to wear a lifejacket while moving a dinghy in the waters near his Point Piper estate. 

It was drawn to the attention of Roads and Maritime Services after pictures were published in The Australian, with the publication stating the organisation was investigating the matter after “photographic evidence of a person not wearing a lifejacket in a vessel on Sydney Harbour” was brought to their attention. 

Mr Turnbull claimed to lack knowledge of the laws and said, “I was moving the dinghy from a wharf onto a beach, the distance travelled was about 20m and at any time less than 10m from the shore. Having now spoken with NSW Maritime, I was advised that under the regulations, because I was unaccompanied, I needed to wear a lifejacket despite being so close to the shore and in enclosed waters… I take great care to practice and promote water safety, wearing a lifejacket when kayaking for example.”

Angus Mitchell, who is the executive director of the maritime division, said that safety was paramount on NSW waters and that the fine was given as a “timely reminder during the holiday season to always wear a lifejacket.”

The PM has apparently learned his lesson and a spokesman has said that Mr Turnbull would pay the $250 fine. 

Looks like not even the PM can talk his way out of a fine! 

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