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Prepare For The Grossest Period/ Menstrual Cup Story Ever

This story has a couple of levels of gross so, fair warning, if you already struggle with the idea of a menstrual cup, it's probably a good idea to bow out now. 

And if you don't know what a menstrual cup is, it looks a little something THIS:


You basically fold it in two and slip it in your v, where it pops back into shape and proceeds to do a nifty job of collecting your period.

Following so far?

Because now it's time for the horror portion of this morning's show: A Reddit user has admitted to figuring out he had been doing something super messed up - for weeks - with his wife's menstrual cup. 

"My wife and I have a toddler and so our bathtub is always full of toys, including non-bath toys our son insists on bringing in anyway," KarateJames explained in the vom-inducing confession.

"Some of these pieces my wife puts up in the hanging basket, out of reach of our son, if it's not supposed to get wet or it's an important piece to a toy or something."

This is where it gets nasty.


"I brush my teeth in the shower every morning. And after my wife had taken out the cup I use to rinse my mouth out, I picked up the closest thing to a cup that was in the hanging basket.

"Figured it was one of those weird pieces to a toy. It worked fine to get a mouthful of water for rinsing after I brush.

"Cut to today in the car. My wife is talking about lady stuff and mentions her menstrual cup in the shower. 

"After a moment of spinning into the depths of hell, I asked her to please, for the love of gods, tell me it's not that rubber cup thing in the basket.

"It was. And I'll never be clean."

Same, KarateJames. Same. 

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