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New Theory On How Burke Ramsey Allegedly Killed His Sister

The JonBenet Ramsey murder case still captivates audiences 20 years on. While no one has ever been charged with the former beauty queen’s murder, debate was reignited last month after a new documentary pointed the finger squarely at the six-year-old's brother, Burke.   

The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey claimed the nine-year-old struck his sister over the head with a flash light on Christmas night, after he became angry that she had taken pineapple from the bowl he was eating from. Pineapple was found in the little girl’s system, which experts claim strengthen the doco's theory.    

Source: CBS

Like the recent documentary, a new book published just days before it aired, alleges Burke was responsible for JonBenet's death. Authors of The Craven Silence, Nick van der Leek and Lisa Wilson, discredited the intruder theory, claiming Burke’s ‘massive jealousy of JonBenet’ was his motive for the brutal murder. 

The authors allege JonBenet was the apple of her mother Pasty’s eye and the loving mum would often boast about her daughter in the family newsletter, leading to resentment from Burke. The book says only a few lines were ever devoted to her husband and son. 

'JonBenet was really put on a pedestal,” Ms Wilson told

'They doted on JonBenet. You can imagine this boy in the background, how is he processing this?'

The book explored disturbing details regarding the then nine-year-old’s treatment of his little sister. They included the time Burke hit JonBenet in the face with a golf club and how he reportedly smeared faeces over the six-year-old's walls, possessions and bed. 

'There’s a kind of a spitefulness going on there, a very ugly spitefulness,' says Mr Van der Leek.

'This beautiful younger sister who’s being treated like a princess. Then you see Burke today ... he’s very uncertain, very insecure,' he continued. 

Source: CBS 

The authors reject the flash light theory, claiming they don't think the Ramseys would have left it out on the counter if they knew Burke had struck his sister with it.

'I think that was out for other reasons - they were probably using it for what they were doing down in the basement,' Mr Wilson revealed. 

The book alleges the murder weapon was in fact a baseball bat, which they say Burke bashed his sister to death with. The young baseball fan was said to have normally left his bat on the patio. Instead it was found in the yard.   

The authors claim in an attempt to protect their son, John and Pasty Ramsey flung the bat out into the snowy yard to make it look as though an intruder gabbed it on the way in and dropped it on their way out. 

Burke Ramsey has always denied harming his sister, and revealed in an interview with Dr Phil he suspected a paedophile who stalked the child beauty pageants was the killer. He labelled the CBS documentary as 'false and unprofessional television attack' and claimed it was riddled with 'lies, misrepresentations, distortions and omissions.' He is set to launch legal action against the station. 

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