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Gilmore Girls Celebrate 16th B'day With New Trailer, Coffee

Oy with the poodles already... 

The latest teaser for the Gilmore Girls reboot has been released in the form of a featurette and to say it has us excited is an understatement. 

We head back to Stars Hollow with all the cast to reminisce on some of their favourite moments of the show and set the scene for the upcoming four part revival 'A Year In The Life'. 

It has all the charm, humour and caffeine that we've come accustomed to. 

If the featurette is anything to go by, Lorelai and Luke's relationship will be a huge part of the revival, as will Rory's dalliances with her former flames. 

It also seems a return of the 'Life and Death Brigade' is inevitable, with Rory stepping off the edge of a manmade structure at one of the secret society's events setting the opening shot of the newest trailer. 

Did we mention today is the Gilmore Girls birthday? Sweet 16!

To celebrate there have been 'pop up' Luke's Diners around the US, complete with cast members on hand to grab a cup of joe with!

The town troubadour also had a special song he wrote to mark the occasion! 

We can hardly wait until November 25 to find out everything that is in store for us... In the meantime we are binge watching the entire series and appreciating each pop culture reference in all its glory. 

The show has been off air since the mid-2000s, but it seems the revival comes with a pretty pay cheque for the Gilmore mother-daughter duo. 

Actors Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel are expected to pocket over $750k per episode each - the most of any TV actor per episode this year! 

Talk about love for a series! 

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