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Neighbour From Hell Stops People Parking Outside House

A New Zealand resident has created a turf war in suburbia after going to extreme lengths to prevent people parking in front of their home.

A man from Bucklands Beach in Auckland has set up traffic cones on his street to stop people from parking outside his house.

While the street is open to the public for parking, the neighbour from hell has put the cones out after several run-ins with fellow residents.

Initially the homeowner tried to claim the spot by putting a large orange road cone on the road, but it was eventually removed.

But that didn't stop the crafty Kiwi who then put out what look like small toy cones.

The New Zealand Herald spoke to one resident who described an awkward encounter with the man.

'I explained that this was illegal and they don't have the rights to a public road. He asked me to park my car elsewhere.'

'I explained that I often do but if I want to park in that particular spot then I am quite entitled to. He said 'have a nice day, goodbye' and closed the door in my face.'

Shortly after that encounter the tiny cones had disappeared, and now the resident has been accused of stealing them.

Auckland Council claims that no parking permits have been issued in the area. 

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