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Melbourne's Latest Pop-Up Attraction Is The Strangest Yet!

Melbourne last night gained it’s very own Monopoly hotel!

In partnership with McDonalds, two huge fans of the fast-food chain were it’s exclusive guests for one night only.

The hotel is inspired by the tiny house movement, which has seen people all over the world downsize their homes and live in smaller places.


The hotel itself is tiny and measured in at just 2.4m x 3m and it immersed it’s guests in nostalgia, as even Mr Monopoly turned up as their concierge for the night.

McDonalds have launched their yearly Monopoly Game and thought this was the perfect way to launch it, saying ‘’We’ve often joked about moving into a Macca’s every year the Monopoly Game returns to try and win as many times as possible, but this is even better. It’s not often you get to say that you woke up in a giant game piece!

 “We’re such big fans of Macca’s and Monopoly and we certainly feel like we’ve been given the V.I.P. treatment with the exclusive stay and of course, being the first people in the country to play – it’s been unreal!”

The Macca’s Monopoly game starts today and every person who plays has a one in five chance of winning 30 million prize, which includes cars, holidays and cash.

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