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Opinions Are Divided Over This Road Collision In Melbourne

Dashcam footage has captured the heart-stopping moment a motorcyclist flew off his bike onto the road after knocking into a car.

The horrifying footage, from Melbourne's CBD, shows a black Toyota cutting into the biker's lane before another car pulls in from the opposite side. The motorcyclist crashes into the rear of the Toyota and is thrown to the sidewalk. 

Onlookers can be seen rushing over to the biker's aid, as he picks himself up from the ground.

The biker has a heated conversation with the driver, who accuses him of speeding. 

‘You just didn’t look, I was coming up you know,’ the biker says. 

‘I did see you were coming. I think you were driving a bit fast?’ was the driver's response.

The incident has caused heated debate over who was in the wrong.

According to reports, an insurance company found the car to be at fault and ordered them to pay $7,000 in damages to the motorcycle.

Watch the video above to see the jaw-dropping footage. What's your take on this? 

Source: Daily Mail

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