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Man Suing Woman Because She Texted During Their Movie Date

There's always that one annoying person at the cinema who has to take their phone out in the middle of a movie and let's be real it's one of the most ANNOYING things!

Not only does it create a very bright light that flashes in everyone's eyes but it's also really distracting for everyone who paid good money to watch a film.

(Not to watch you snapchatting the hot actor/actress in the film...)

And of course, it only gets more annoying if the culprit is sitting in the chair next to you, and is actually your date!

Well this is what happened to Brandon Vezmar, whose date had the nerve to read and send texts on her phone between ten and twenty times while at a movie theatre in AUstin Texas.

And what did he think was a suitable punishment? Vezmar decided to SUE his unnamed date for $17.31, the amount it cost him to pay for movie tickets.

"I said 'listen, you're texting is driving me a little nuts' and she said 'I can't not text my friend.' I said 'maybe you can take it outside to the lobby, I've seen people get kicked out movies for this," revealed Vezmar.

He also insisted that he didn't care about the money as much, but more so about teaching his date a lesson as the lawsuit claims the "Defendant's behaviour is a threat to civilised society."

Okaaaay that's a bit extreme...

But apparently the woman accused didn't even know about the ordeal that her date had turned into until she was contacted by press.

"Oh my God. This is crazy," she said as she defended her actions, claiming she hadn't been texting nearly as much as Vezmar claimed and that she was only doing so to help her friend who had been fighting with her boyfriend.

The woman also plans to file a protective order against Vezmar after he apparently attempted to contact both her and her little sister after the incident.

Vezmar has said that he is "fully aware of the weirdness of the situation."

Yeah we're aware of it too buddy... I guess we'll all think twice next time before checking our phone in the cinema.

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