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Lisa Wilkinson Opens Up About Her Miscarriage Heartbreak

Lisa Wilkinson, best known as the co-host of the Today show has opened up to the 3PM Pickup's Monty Diamond on Show + Tell about her heartbreaking miscarriages. 

Having been at the heart of women's conversations in Australia for decades, Lisa opened up about "the great secret that so many women carry". 

Lisa opened up about trying for a fourth child with her husband, Peter FitzSimons and how they endured a string of heartbreaking miscarriages before they decided to stop trying. 

"Peter and I were so lucky. We started trying and fell pregnant straight away. You've got to be careful when you're totally comfortable with the fact you can fall pregnant just like that. 

"We're pregnant with number four and I'm thinking 'Wow, we've lucked out again. I'm so, so lucky'. We were about 11 weeks and I woke up one morning and something was very obviously wrong". 

The couple have been blessed with three children, now 22, 20 and 18. 

"We got all the stats to make us feel better. One in four pregnancies results in miscarriage. We thought 'That's alright. That's our one in four. Let's do it again.

"After three [miscarriages] in a row, that's when you turn around and think I'm so lucky. I've got so many girlfriends who'd had real fertility issues.

"Obviously my eggs were done and if you're lucky enough to have even one healthy child, you think 'I've won the lottery. I'm not going to push this anymore." 

Monty, who has two young boys, also spoke with Lisa about the divided heart that many mothers feel as they try to balance work and family when their kids are young. 

Lisa put it perfectly; "You've got to give yourself permission to be half okay at everything. You've got to get rid of the expectations you had before you had kids". 


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