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Instagram Look Set To Make A Major Shakeup To Your Timeline

In 2016, Instagram caused a stir when their posts stopped appearing in chronological order. instead, they began operating on an algorithm-based timeline. 

This meant that rather than posts appearing in real time, Instagram would prioritise certain photos at the top of your feed based on what you've liked in the past and the photos that get the most amount of likes.

Users were so unhappy with the new timeline that a petition was started to reverse the update and the hashtag #RIPInstagram trended online.

Now, after almost 2 years of getting used to the algorhythm, Instagram look set to go back to the old days!

An Instagram staffer has shared a photo to his story stating that the Instagram timeline has gone back to chronological order.

"Instagram back to chronological order. I wonder if this is good or bad news," the post read. 

It's believed that staffer's account is part of a trial which will soon be rolled out to all accounts. 


@jackharding on Instagram 

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