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Insta-Calls Set To Be Latest Feature Of Instagram App

With social media apps constantly in competition to become everyone’s go-to entertainment it’s not surprising that they tend to steal ideas here and there from each other.

Snapchat took instant messaging from Facebook messenger - Instagram took selfie filters from Snapchat - Facebook took story features from Instagram and so on and so forth.

But the latest update that is rumoured to be coming to photo sharing app Instagram is a bit out of the ordinary.

Following in the popular footsteps of Facebook messengers phone call ability, it seems that soon users will be able to make voice and video calls straight from Instagram to your followers!

The potential future update was discovered after someone noticed Instagram code that been accidentally shared titled “call”, “action_call” and “video_call”.

Instagram was asked to comment on the possibility of implementing a call feature but a representative for the company merely stated, “I’m afraid we can’t comment on this one.”

Okay Instagram just an FYI when people say things like “no comment” it makes you look hella guilty.

So we’re guessing that Insta-Calls are for sure on the cards for a future update and omg we can’t wait to be able to spot an Instagram post and immediately call our mates for a bitch-sesh all from the one app!

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