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Incredible: Miracle Twins Born With Knotted Umbilical Cords


Queensland twins, Harper and Cleo are as tight as they were in the womb, which was so close their umbilical cords knotted together.

Their mum, Kate Lucas, gave birth to her twin girls 8 years ago, and the birth story is nothing less than a miracle.

The twin girls were born under strange circumstances that occur in less than 1% of twin births.

They were monoamniotic monochorionic (MoMo), which means they shared one placenta and grew in the same amniotic sac, because of this, their umbilical cords knotted together which could have killed them.

Kate shared her c-section delivery photos last night along with this spectacular image of her twins entwined and knotted...

Posted by Miracle Babies Foundation on Friday, July 10, 2015

This makes carrying a pregnancy to full term even more problematic - early on they were given the option of abortion.

Kate was admitted to hospital at 28 weeks and gave birth at 32 weeks.

Doctors told her their survival was a miracle because of how knotted the umbilical cord was.

H/T Mirror

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