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Live In One Area Of Melbourne, Expect A $3K BILL!

Ratepayers are furious at a Melbourne council after it was revealed they will charge some howlers more than $3,000 a year for parking permits.

However, Darebin council is arguing that tis the only way to force developers to pay for their share of parking.

People living in apartments and units built after 2004 can now buy temporary parking permits at $100 per month, under a policy adopted on Monday.

However, costs rise sharply to $300 for each consecutive month, capped at $3300 for the year.

Concession holders will be able to save 50%.

It replaces the previous council policy, which banned on-street parking for all units built after 2004.

Councillor Trent McCarthy said  “The cost of (building an on-site) car park is about $30,000 in development cost, so we don’t want them to be able to buy cheap on-street parking permits (to avoid building car parks),” he said.

“This policy is designed to manage a precious resource and it’s certainly not about money making.”

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